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      Hubei Xinghengkang Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Wuhan, Hubei Province. It is an export-oriented enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of fine chemical products, raw materials and intermediates.

       The company believes that product quality is the lifeline of the company, so it has always focused on the quality system construction and overall improvement of product quality. The company has a well-equipped quality testing center with experienced quality inspection personnel, and has established effective inspection methods for each product, so that the product quality has been reliably guaranteed. At the same time, the company pays great attention to the quality feedback of customers and continuously improves product quality, so as to maximize customer satisfaction.

       The company gives full play to its own conditions, and gradually develops in the tide of the market economy. The company hopes to cooperate with friends from all walks of life at home and abroad to create brilliance.

 Hubei Xinghengkang Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

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